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How To Take Photos Of Fireworks

Posted by Gregory 
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How To Take Photos Of Fireworks
October 13, 2013 05:44PM
From my blog

Get there early and scout out a location that has a good foreground, background and view of the area the fireworks will be.

Use a Tripod, if you don't have one brace your camera on a car roof, tree trunk or any stable surface and set camera to manual. Use an aperture (size of opening in the lens) of between f/5.6 and f/11 (midrange). Try shutter speeds from 1/2 second to a couple of seconds (on most cameras to get the longer shutter speeds set camera to bulb and hold shutter down to expose and release to stop exposure). The longer speeds capture the movement of the fireworks (and any movement of the camera so keep it steady). If you have a cable release for the shutter use it to minimize shake when you press the shutter if not try to minimize shake as best you can.

Try different apertures (f-stops) and shutter speeds. Have fun.
Re: How To Take Photos Of Fireworks
April 12, 2017 01:04AM
Whether you're celebrating Independence Day, Canada Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali or just having fun with fireworks, it's always tempting to take pictures of the fireworks exploding in air. After all, a good fireworks show is an amazing spectacle, and you've probably got a camera on you anyway. This requires a different way of thinking about how you use the camera because fireworks create their own exposure. Try to determine approximately where the fireworks will be bursting and get a spot with an unobstructed view of that area. If the fireworks are popular, you'll need to show up early to get a good spot.

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