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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Posted by Gregory 
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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
February 28, 2014 08:47PM
video: [www.youtube.com]

Video Recorded by Gregory Coraggio

The Thrift Store Players at The Grange Playhouse's production of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw from Friday, 21 February, 2014 in its entirety 1h 45m in 1920x1080.
The cast:
Henry Higgins-Brendan Keffner, Liza Doolittle-Marylee Sumeriski, Colonel Pickering-Kevin Walsh, Alfie Doolittle-Denis Coughlan, Mrs. Higgins-Dori Eielberg, Mrs. Pearce-Martha Hudson, Freddy Eynsford Hill/The Bystander-Matt Gochman, Mrs. Eynsford Hill-Karen Anderson, Clara Eynsford Hill-Bonnie Palmer, The General Bystander/Mrs.. Higgins' Butler-Kyle Gertner, The Sarcastic Bystander-Victoria Kushner
The crew:
Director-Annette Curran, Stage Manager-Deb McNerny, Lighting-Jade Greene
Special thanks:
Karen Anderson and Martha Hudson for Costumes and Props, DEsign Communications for Program Design/Production, The Southard Grange for their support

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